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When you’re working on projects around your home, in your garage or with power tools, it’s important to protect your eyes. There are two general classes of eye protection available from Canada Safety Glasses, depending on which types of hazards you’re working with. Be sure to choose the right kind for your project. 

Types of Eye Protection 

1. Safety Glasses: Glasses are the most common and comfortable type of protective eyewear. With a similar style to reading glasses, they shield your eyes from flying debris and dust. The lenses are also made of impact-resistant, shatterproof plastic. 

They come in a wide variety of styles with different materials, shapes, and colours. For people who tend to do a lot of work outdoors, you can also find safety sunglasses, which are tinted glasses that offer the same shatterproof protection as clear options.

2. Safety Goggles: These have the advantage of wrapping completely around your eyes, offering protection from all sides. They’re also good for people who already wear glasses, since they can be used over the top of existing eyewear. These are the best choice when working with liquid hazards since they can prevent splash injuries to the eye.

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