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Do You Know Your Prescription Safety Glasses Frames?

Our eyes are the window to the world. It is through our eyes that we experience everything that is going around in the world. So, it makes sense for us to take good care of our eyesight, and what better way to do so than by choosing the right prescription safety glasses frames? These important items of eyewear protect the eyes and they also help you see clearly. More importantly, if you choose them well, they will even give your personality a new style. Read on to find out more about your protective eyewear.

Know your Latest prescription
The first thing that you need to do before you actually buy prescription protective eyewear frames is to know your latest prescription. A wrong prescription can have devastating consequences. So, you must make sure that you have your latest prescription. You can get it by undergoing an eye examination or you can use one that works for your existing pair of glasses. Once you know your prescription and PD measurement, you are on the way to picking the right eyeglasses frames.

Different frame categories
It is very important that you choose the right frames for your safety glasses. There are a few categories of frames that you should learn about. There is the rimmed frame and then there is the semi-rimmed frame and finally, there is the rimless type of frame. Other than this, you need to pick the right frame material. The most common frame materials are metal and plastic. For safety eyewear, you should go with polycarbonate frame material. This is a tough and light material that can withstand high impacts. If you want to know more about frames and frame materials, you should seek professional guidance.

Best frame shape?
There are many options available to you as far as frame shapes go. The more popular shapes include rectangular and aviator. People that live in hot or humid conditions may suffer allergic reactions from contact with the metal frame’s nose pads. You also want to ensure the frames you choose are light and they should also be very durable. You also need to pick a frame that can take much punishment.

A good fit is essential
The next thing you need to pay attention to is the fit of your prescription safety eyeglasses frames. Your lenses, if chosen well, will ensure perfect vision. Similarly, you need to choose your frames very carefully because only the right frame will prove to be useful. Some of us have to wear our eyewear for long durations. For them, it is important that they choose a comfortable pair. This is only possible if the frames fit your face perfectly. You should make sure that your frames do not pinch your ears or your nose and they should also not slip off your nose.

Everybody wants to wear attractive frames. However, comfort is a bigger priority and so it makes sense to choose light frames so that they won’t put any pressure on your nose or your ears. You can use a fit guide to help you pick the most well-fitting frames. The width of the lens and the width of the nose bridge as well as the length of the temple should be just right. Only then can you expect a perfect fit.

Frames should match your appearance
It is also a good idea to choose a frame that matches your appearance and the width of your face. The frames that you choose should suit your lifestyle and you should also use an online site’s (if you are shopping online) virtual try-on feature to see how different frames look on your face. The frame that you choose must offer a wide field of vision from every angle and you should not have to move your head or eyes to see clearly through the lenses.

Which lenses are right for you?
After the frame, it is your lenses that are the most important part of your new pair of prescription protective eyewear. Unless you choose the right lenses, you won’t get much joy out of your eyewear. The right lenses will also ensure perfect vision. So, choose them carefully.

The first thing you should do is find the right lens material. It should be a material that suits your lifestyle and the lenses should be attractive and comfortable. They should provide clear vision and should be durable and safe. There are many lens materials to choose from but you will do well to choose polycarbonate which is a light and tough material. An optometrist can help you choose the right lens material for your needs.

Lens coating
After choosing the lenses, you need to look for the right lens coating. This coating will give your lenses more value and will increase their longevity. A good coating will make the lenses more durable and will improve their performance and appearance. The most basic coating is the one called scratch-resistant coating. Then, there is the anti-reflective coating which along with basic coating will reduce reflection and improve the quality of your vision. If you want the lenses to repel dust and water, then you need to apply a special coating to the lenses.

Scratch-resistant coating is an extra and hard surface that is added to the lenses to protect the glasses from becoming scratched. If you drop your eyewear or handle them in a rough manner, then this coating will prevent the lenses from becoming damaged. Anti-reflective coating, on the other hand, will reduce glare and halos. Other coatings that you want to consider include water and dust repellent coating, smudge-resistant coating, and UV protective coating.

Hopefully, these tips on choosing the best prescription safety glasses frames will help you make the right choices. You can buy a good pair at any good online store. It makes more sense to buy your frames from an online store because you will get your eyewear at a lower price and the selection of items to choose from is also much wider at online stores. At CanadaSafetyGlasses.com, you can get a good deal. This is an online seller that has more than ten years of experience in selling high-quality eyewear at an affordable price.