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Do You Know Prescription Safety Goggles?

The right pair of prescription safety goggles can help prevent eye injuries. Welders and grinders are the most at-risk workers. Many eye injuries even occur when you are wearing safety goggles by getting under or over or around the side of your eyewear. You can only prevent this by ensuring that your eyeglasses fit you perfectly. Besides wearing the right eyewear, you also need to undergo training to help you understand how to correctly use your safety eyeglasses.

Which Eyewear is Most Effective?
Eye injuries are dangerous. From scratches to cuts to the surface of your eyes, to punctures and foreign objects getting into your eyes, the dangers are many. If you work with chemicals or in a dusty place, you are more at risk of suffering an eye injury. To protect yourself, you need to know which eyewear is most effective.

Do Not Rely on Regular Eyewear
Regular eyeglasses and sunglasses are not designed and nor are they meant to offer suitable protection at work and at play. Instead, you need to choose specially designed eyewear that works to protect you when you are performing different tasks. Whether it is chipping, grinding, drilling, sawing or chiselling or sanding or riveting, you need to wear safety goggles. They will reduce the risk of a foreign object getting around the lenses and into your eyes.

Special Eyeglasses
If you want to protect your eyes to the extent that hazards are not able to get under or around the edges, then you need to pick special eyewear. These eyewear items must have the right impact rating of lenses. In other words, the lenses should be rated to protect you against anything getting under or around the edges of the lenses.

Protection against High Temperatures
If you are a welder or if you are pouring or casting or doing hot dipping or operating a furnace, then you need safety goggles that are rated for high temperatures. If on the other hand, you are working with molten metal, you need special safety goggles to help reduce the risk that a splash might injure your eyes.

Protection against Chemicals
To protect yourself against chemical splashes or sprays or chemical mists or vapours or fumes, you need safety goggles and not safety goggles. These goggles are also very effective in protecting your eyes against dust from woodworking work. They also protect you when buffing or working in dusty conditions.

You also need to protect your eyes against radiation. In fact, there is a huge need to protect your eyes against the intense concentrations of heat and infrared rays. Other than this, it is also a good idea to protect your eyes against UV and reflected light radiation. Such hazards are present when you are welding or soldering or working with lasers. There is also a risk from torch-cutting work, brazing and other outdoor work. For such hazards, you need to use safety goggles that has filter lenses that protect your eyes against intense radiation.

Use these tips on choosing your prescription safety goggles to help you buy the best pair for your needs. You can also do yourself a favour by shopping at CanadaSafetyGlasses.com where you are assured of buying the best quality eyewear at the most affordable prices.